Elgin Megawind Street Sweeper

Whether the task at hand includes picking up leaves, street sweeping, preventing basin loading or cleaning basins and inserts to remove debris before it moves down the system, the Elgin Megawind from Elgin Sweeper is for you. You can even tackle the removal of broken concrete or pavement pieces with ease. The Elgin Megawind combination leaf/debris vacuum, and catch basin cleaner delivers the versatility, ease of use, manoeuvrability, power, and performance to meet your vacuum truck needs. · The Elgin Megawind features a 12" vacuum hose with an industry-exclusive articulated power boom that features 180-degree hydraulic powered rotation allowing greater hose positioning options· The optional sweeper system is specifically designed to be efficient in bulky debris such as leaves and sticks

  • The system components include a unique "open throat" suction nozzle, trailing arm side brooms and an extension broom
  • The Elgin Megawind is mounted on a premium Nissan Diesel UD3300 cab-over or conventional chassis with right-hand steering or optional dualized steering
  • The Megawind can be customized with a variety of options

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