Elgin Broom Badger Street Sweeper

Are you looking for a portable yet powerful compact mechanical Elgin sweeper? Well, look no further, the Elgin Broom Badger is easy to maintain and does not require in CDL in most provinces/states. This dual-engine street sweeper is easy to operate and durable, making it an ideal sweeper for both municipal and contractor customers who need powerful cleaning without a full-size sweeper.

  • Mounted on an Isuzu NRR 19,500 lb. class 5 cabover chassis that supports highway travel speed
  • Dual gutter brooms with 114-inch sweep path (max) 
  • 58.5” Direct drive squeegee-type conveyor to handle heavy duty sweeping
  • 220 Gallon water tank for dust suppression 
  • Standard 12” spot mirrors and low cut windows enable precise viewing 

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