Elgin Crosswind1 Street Sweeper

The Elgin Crosswind1 Street Sweeper steps ahead as the market leader with innovative single-engine technology. The new easy-to-use design, with single button operation, will increase productivity and decrease maintenance time and costs.


There’s more to the new Crosswind street sweeper than one less engine. Municipalities and contractors are benefiting from:


  • Easier Operation – Switch between road and work modes with one push of a button on the fly, no stopping required.
  • Simpler Maintenance – After-treatments, regenerations, and separate service intervals are eliminated with the lack of an auxiliary engine. Because the chassis engine operates under a higher load, it minimizes particulate matter build-up that requires active regeneration to remove. And, without regenerations, there’s no more risk of missed regenerations, which quadruple downtime and increase cost.
  • Greater Productivity – Spend less time on maintenance and more time sweeping. Quieter operation extends work hours from early dawn to late dusk, with little risk of disrupting residential areas.
  • Improved Operating Experience – Elgin’s single-engine and Quiet Pak technologies noticeably lessen vibration and minimize noise.


The Crosswind1 Eliminates:


  • Maintaining two engines
  • Complex after-treatment system, and maintenance
  • Untimely auxiliary engine regenerations
  • Cost exposure resulting from “missed” auxiliary engine regenerations
  • Cumbersome belt tensioning systems
  • Auxiliary engine noise and vibration


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