Sewer Drain Camera Repair

Extend the Life of Your Sewer Equipment

Preserve the life of your valuable sewer equipment by servicing and repairing sewer drain cameras with Joe Johnson Equipment. Our expert technicians at JJE come with 25 years of experience in industrial camera repair, including push cameras and mainline crawler systems. Our service facility is equipped to handle most types of repair from all current manufacturers, including:

Our state-of-the-art service facility has full-time repair technicians and an extensive parts inventory to minimize your downtime and ensure speedy service. Our sewer camera repair services department is equipped to handle many complex repair projects including:

  • Resealing
  • Re-Terminations
  • Frame Repairs
  • Push Cable Repairs, etc.

For More Information on Sewer Drain Camera Repair

man using sewer cam

We will diagnose the issue and provide a quote for approval before proceeding with work. We extensively test and troubleshoot your equipment to ensure a quality repair job is done, and return it to you. We understand your equipment is key to your business and that minimizing downtime is important. Because of our fully-equipped service facility and large parts inventory, our turnaround is quick.



For repairs, simply send us your damaged unit from any location in Canada, drop off at your closest service facility, or Contact Us today. 




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