Elgin Eagle Street Sweeper

The Elgin Eagle is your proven mechanical broom sweeper with reliable heavy duty performance, high dump capability and superior operator comfort. This versatile street cleaning unit is equipped with either a no-jam conveyor or the optional elevator squeegee system, a 10 ft. wide sweeping path and a variable height lift system.

The Elgin Eagle sweeper excels where sweeping versatility is required, may it be shoulder sweeping, heavy millings or fall leaves and spring clean up. The waterless version can do all this without the use of dust control water, allowing for year-round operation and use on water reactive compounds like Portland cement.

The Eagle is available as an optional alternative fuel sweeper utilizing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Benefits of the Elgin Eagle:


  • Maximum Productivity: Hydraulically-driven main and side brooms create a wide 10 ft. sweeping path; an exclusively designed, free-floating trailing arm main broom conforms to road contours.
  • Year-round Versatile Applications: Street maintenance sweeping, leaf removal, spring clean-up; interchangeable conveyors and optional dry-dust control system.
  • More Power with a simplified, low-emission dual diesel engine design for superior digging at required ground speed that does not affect broom or conveyor speed.
  • Improved Unloading Efficiency: 3.5 m3 hopper features a centre mounted double-scissors lifting mechanism for greater stability and trouble-free operation; variable dumping height and 11 inch side shift enables cleaner unloading of material.
  • Unparalleled Reliability: Dual free-floating gutter brooms adjust to variable road surfaces and a powerful free-floating, direct drive main broom for reliable and complete debris removal.
  • Maximum Operator Comfort and Safety: minimal in-cab and drive-by noise levels; tactile-feel controls allow the operator to keep their eyes focused forward;
  • No Jamming: Debris conveyor uses molded-in full-width cleats and a built-in wash down makes cleanup quick and easy.
  • Easy-access maintenance: Four access doors to all sweep system components and the auxiliary engine.
  • Factory-trained technicians ensure your Eagle performs at its best at all times.

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