Elgin Crosswind Regenerative Air Street Sweeper

Elgin's Crosswind regenerative air sweeper gives contractors, municipalities and industries a powerful sweeper with unequalled versatility, flexibility and productivity. The Elgin Crosswind re-circulating vacuum sweeper efficiently cleans large flat paved areas such as streets, parking lots, and airport runways. Contractors and public works officials alike appreciate the Elgin Crosswind because it is easy to operate and simple to maintain. The Elgin Crosswind ergonomic design allows the operator to sweep in a safe, comfortable manner. Mounted on the short-wheelbase chassis of either conventional or cab-over chassis, the Elgin Crosswind is operated by simple rocker switches and comes with a complete set of gauges. 


  • A combination of large hopper and water tank, plus excellent fuel efficiency, allow the sweeper a long work period between trips to dumping, re-watering and fuelling sites
  • 90" (2286 mm) Wide pick-up head and dual 42" (1067 mm) side brooms create extra wide sweep path for maximum productivity
  • 12 3/4" (324 mm) suction hose readily accepts large debris
  • High capacity/efficient loading large 240 gallon (908 L) removeable polyethelyne water tank and 8 cu. yd. (6 m3) hopper capacities for extended sweeping time and maximum productivity
  • Water pumps can be selectively controlled from the cab to adjust to sweeping conditions


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