Pipe Cleaning Contractor Profile: Capital Sewer Services

Capital Sewer Vactor 2100

A long-time customer of JJE, Capital Sewer from Vaughan, ON boasts its fleet of Vactor 2100‘s in an upcoming issue of Trenchless Technology Magazine.

By: Mike Kezdi | Reprinted with permission from Trenchless Technology Magazine

“Today the sewer cleaning and inspection division has 70 employees and completes on average of 745 miles of cleaning and inspections a year. Handling the bulk of that work is a fleet of 10 Vactor 2100 combination sewer cleaners – with two Vactor 2100is on order – and CUES inspection equipment.”


Cleaning and inspecting sewers often comprise the first step to any pipe relining project and a contractor that offers both services can realize great efficiencies. This is definitely true for Capital Sewer Services.

The Vaughan, Ontario, Canada-based contractor has offered both inspection and cleaning since its inception in 1998 and added cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) relining services shortly thereafter. It was an acquisition of American Water, a sewer services company, in 2006 really allowed both divisions to flourish.

“The CCTV and cleaning division supported the lining division and with an acquisition in 2006, Capital Sewer Services took on the additional flushing and TV contracts,” says Ryan Maloney, CCTV and cleaning operations manager. “From there, cleaning and CCTV became a separate division working alongside the lining division.”

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