The Importance of Regular Equipment Inspections

The Importance of Equipment Inspections and Preventive Maintenance


Your business or municipality depends on your equipment being ready to work and operating at its best day in and day out. Repairs cost you time and money—resources that are much better spent on productive or revenue producing tasks. Conducting regular equipment inspections and completing preventive maintenance on schedule are crucial for maximizing uptime and keeping your vacuum trucks, hydro excavators, and water blasters out of the shop.


Conduct daily walkaround equipment inspections

One of the best routines for your equipment health is to check it for signs of damage or issues every single day. By performing a daily inspection, you will catch small issues before they turn into major, expensive problems.

  • Look at the general appearance of your vacuum truck, hydro excavator, or water blaster – check for visible signs of external damage, fluid leaks, under inflated tires, and fluid and battery levels
  • Make sure all your horns, lights, backup alarms, and other safety features are working properly before beginning work
  • Replace your filter bag as needed
  • Check your blower oil – your owner’s manual will detail how often you should perform an oil change, as the interval will vary from one machine to the next
  • Listen for irregularities – if your equipment is louder than normal, or you hear anything out of the ordinary, stop using it and have it looked at by our service team
  • Perform a daily tank inspection—check to make sure all gauges, manways, valves, prefilters, baffles, welds, and oil catch mufflers are working properly.

Fully shutdown and drain your vacuum truck

In addition to conducting equipment inspections, you also need to turn off your vacuum truck or hydro excavator completely at the end of the day. Don’t just turn off your ignition—it’s important to shut down every system on your truck. We also recommend that you open all drain valves and empty the water systems after each shift. Removing all water daily will help you get rid of any debris that has built up.


Preventive maintenance

Equipment preventive maintenance is another method to increase the lifespan of your hydro excavator or vacuum truck significantly and to avoid unnecessary wear and downtime. At Joe Johnson Equipment, our team will handle all required maintenance at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer:

  • Rotate your intake hoses to avoid wear and tear on any one particular spot
  • Clean out the debris body and sludge pump
  • Perform an inspection of the air and water separator cyclone unit
  • Check the electrical wiring system for any signs of damage or issues
  • Inspect the air breather to ensure proper operation
  • Change hydraulic filters, flush the system, and replace hydraulic fluid


Keeping your vacuum truck or hydro excavator in top condition depends on daily equipment inspections and having preventive maintenance completed by certified technicians. If you have any questions about maintaining your hydro vac truck, hydro excavator, or water blasters, or you’re ready to schedule a service appointment, contact our team today!

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