VertiDrive M7

Extremely compact and agile with extra magnetic force for real heavy-duty hydroblasting operations.


 The VertiDrive M7 Robot was especially designed to traverse the more challenging and curved irregular steel surfaces in any direction. 


It is an extremely agile robotic solution because of its short and compact wheelbase. The extra magnets make the robot extremely strong, so it is able to pass over a curve without losing its grip.


The VertiDrive M7 is an all-rounder, just like the M3 robot. It comes with three standard interchangeable applications, which allows you to change from dry blasting to washing without wasting any time.


Other than the M3, the M7 also allows the operator to not only move the nozzles left and right but also up and down. This way it can conquer obstacles on the surface without a problem.


Cleaning width:   1500 mm  (60″)
Dimensions:   650 x 550 x 520 mm  (25.60″ x 21.65″ x 20.45″)
Total Weight:   55 kg / 120 lbs

Control System

  • Electric version


  • High pressure washing
  • Hydro blasting
  • Abrasive blasting

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