VertiDrive M3

“The versatile one”

Your multi-purpose convertible solution for washing, hydro- and abrasive blasting with an impressive production rate.

The robot adheres to the surface with multiple powerful permanent magnets, allowing operations on vertical, horizontal and overhead steel surfaces. The remotely controlled system Results in more comfort for the operator, higher production rates and better quality. In fact, the M3 is eight times faster as a person!


The lightweight and divisible construction is very intuitive and reduces the buildup and change-over time to approx. ten minutes. This divisible construction allows you to have 2 robots in 1 and use it for a variety of duties such as (ultra) high pressure cleaning or abrasive-blasting.

Different applications like (U)HP and abrasive can be mounted on this versatile robot. Quality and speed are ensured, as well as operator comfort and safety.


Closed hydro blasting for smaller vertical, horizontal and overhead steel surfaces. This machine adheres to the wall by a magnetic drive assembly and can be easily maneuvered by its pneumatic drive system.


Cleaning width:   1500 mm  (60″)
Dimensions:   950 x 930 x 620 mm  ( 39.40″ x 36.60″ x 24.40″ )
Total Weight:   62 kg / 140 lbs


Control Systems

  • Electric
  • Pneumatic 
  • Pneumatic explosive proof, ATEX Zone 2



  • High pressure cleaning
  • Ultra high pressure hydro blasting
  • Abrasive blasting

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