VertiDrive M2 Handy

Closed hydro blasting for smaller vertical, horizontal and overhead steel surfaces. This machine adheres to the wall by a magnetic drive assembly and can be easily maneuvered by its pneumatic drive system.


  • Forward, backward, speed, pressure, and ON/OFF are conveniently controlled through the handle.
  • All debris is collected by your vacuum system or with VertiDrive's optional vacuum and separation system.
  • All reaction force and thrust from ultra-high pressure blasting are absorbed by the magnetic drive assembly, leaving the operator safely out of the way. 
  • Self-rotating nozzle bar with 8 nozzles that is mounted in front of the drive wheel.  
  • Rated for a maximum pressure of 3000 bar @ 30 l/min. – 43.000 psi @ 8 gal/ min. ensures a clean surface and high production rates. 


A unique safety feature ensures the connected UHP pump can only be switched on when the Handy is securely adhered to the metal surface. In the unlikely event the M2 loses contact with the surface, the pump automatically shuts off. 

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