Envirosight VeriSight Pro

The Envirosight VeriSight isn’t just built tough for dependability; it’s built smart to make you more efficient. It’s onboard 60GB hard drive stores 45 hours of MPEG4 video. An intuitive file system lets you archive clips for easy retrieval, while the USB port lets you upload inspection results directly to your PC. Combine these features with selectable SONDE frequency and a 16-page text generator with full QWERTY keyboard, and you’re equipped for maximum productivity.


With these technical advantages, it’s easy to overlook the EnviroSight VeriSight rugged construction. Its welded stainless steel frame, Kevlar-reinforced push rod, spring shock absorbers, sealed slip ring and waterproof ABS housing help VeriSight withstand punishing conditions.


  • Storage for up to 45 hours of MPEG footage (via 60 GB internal drive)
  • Analog/digital connectivity (via RCA in/out jacks, USB port)
  • Dimmable LED array casts up to 20% more illumination than other brands
  • The Envirosight VeriSight's self-leveling design keeps view upright
  • Welded stainless steel construction and Kevlar/epoxy reinforced rod help VeriSight reels tolerate even the most punishing conditions

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