Trackless Boom Flail Mower (Accessory)

Almost every municipality has several areas which are difficult, unsafe or impossible to mow. Ditches, steep inclines, over guard rails and waters-edge cutting become problems of the past once the Trackless Boom Flail is on the job.


  • The Trackless Boom Flail has better visibility than side or rear mount boom flails resulting in less operator fatigue and safer operation
  • The Trackless Boom Flail can be removed from the Trackless MT7 in approximately 10 minutes and within minutes another attachment can be installed and the Operator can be on the way to another job site
  • Hydrostatic control of the ground speed allows the operator to react more quickly when approaching an obstruction
  • The compact size of the Trackless MT7 and Boom Flail interferes with passing traffic less than larger agricultural-type tractor/mower combinations

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