Trackless Rear Sidewalk Spreader (Accessory)

The Trackless Rear Sidewalk Spreader is used to apply salt, sand or a mixture. It is hydraulically driven and the amount of spread is controlled by an adjustment lever. The Trackless Rear Sidewalk Spreader conserves material by dispersing it evenly in a diamond pattern rather than a solid layer. The delivery roller maintains a 41 inch spread width. This prevents material waste as well as turf damage from salt, both of which can be a problem with spinner spreaders. As a result, reduced labour costs from fewer refills and lower material costs minimizes the overall cost of operation.


  • Three screw-jack stands enable one person to safely attach or remove the spreader without the aid of a lifting device
  • A lid keeps moisture out and prevents salt and sand from being drawn into the engine compartment
  • To stop bridging of the material in the hopper, the sander has three agitators instead of only one
  • The Trackless Rear Sidewalk Spreader allows you to sand walkways as you sweep the snow away
  • The Trackless Rear Sidewalk Spreader has a spread width of 41" and a capacity of ½ a cu. yd.

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