Switch N Go® Mulch Mate® Body

Every landscaper's dream come true. Switch-N-Go® has partnered with Mulch Mate® to create the Mulch Mate® Body specifically designed for the DS1000. Increase your productivity, decrease the risk of injury. 


The Mulch Mate® DS1000 can dispense mulch in a fluffy, consistent, controlled manner every time. You can unload 10 yards in under 10 minutes. Large stones measuring 1 -3 inches, 3 - 5 inches, flow out like water with the touch of a joystick. You can dispense 4 tons of stone in about 4 minutes without lifting the bed. Load-out top dressing or compost with ease, and efficiency.


The Mulch Mate® body comes with large folding rear legs and sliding front legs to allow the container to sit on the ground. The construction of the container is strong enough to allow the unit to swing away without deflection of the side walls. The container also comes with a passenger side door and built-in ladder to allow easy access for setting up the tarp and cleaning of the bed. 



Mulch Mate® Body Key Features

  • Designed for use with Mulch Mate® DS1000
  • Retractable legs for off truck use and off season storage
  • Curb Side Door for access to the front of the container
  • High quality powder coating finish
  • Available in 11’ & 14’ lengths

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