Switch N Go® Dump Body

The Switch-N-Go® Dump Body is the perfect detachable truck body for hauling materials, equipment, or machinery.  Ideal for hauling materials from to and from a job site, this “Do-it-all” truck body option is everything you will need for your workforce.


The Switch-N-Go ® dump body is available in seven standard lengths, ranging from 8’ to 14’ long, as well as two build grades: standard & heavy duty. Dump bodies come manufactured with 2-way dump gates, with a variety of bulk heights (39”, 48”, or 51”) with a capacity range of 2.2 up to 3.9 cubic yards. Boosted by a triple stage wash, all the open-topped dump bodies come with zinc prime & powder coated finish ensuring proper curing and rust resistance for a long lastly body.


Key Features

Key Benefits

  • High quality zinc prime & powder coated finish
  • Protecting the dump body from rust and curing.
  • Custom options available
  • Customizable to meet your personal needs.
  • Accepts underbody salt spreader
  • Creating a truly field-ready solution for salt application.
  • 12″ side height & 24″ tailgate height
  • Ideal space for all your working needs
  • Standard 6″ steel dump body ground rollers
  • For smooth loading and unloading on the jobsite.
  • Ramp gate
  • For drive-on convenience making it easier than ever for landscapers to have access to materials, equipment, and tools.


Dump Body Options:


  • Two build grade options (Standard & Heavy Duty)
  • Dump Body mesh tarp with retention bow
  • 18” cab shield
  • Tailgate coal chute with (7.25” x 13.75” opening)
  • Extended rear board pockets (height of bulkhead )
  • Heavy Duty D-ring(s)
  • 12” Steel contractor fold down sides

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