Trackless Snow Lion Ice-Breaker (Accessory)

The Trackless Snow Lion Ice-Breaker is designed to pulverize ice as well as a hard pack snow base that can build up over time. Prevention of potential slip and falls are a major concern for all municipalities and our ice breaker attachment was designed specifically for this purpose. Not only does the Trackless Snow Lion design have a double pulverizing roller system which provides essentially two passes in one but the cutters are mounted on spring-loaded independent suspension which allows them to dip into and back out of low spots, wheelchair ramps and tapered driveway crossings where people are most likely to slip.




  •  Traction drive requiring no external drive or hydraulic hookups
  •  Two 47 inch (1200 mm) wide pulverizing cutters provide two cuts per pass
  • Eight pairs of 10 inch (250 mm) diameter cutter wheels mounted on their own spring-loaded
    independent suspension
  •  Cutter wheels follow sidewalk contours including wheelchair ramps and side to side tapers where
    sidewalks intersect driveways
  •  Removable counterweights
  • Adjustable support leg to support push frame at the correct hookup height
  • Overall weight 1635 lbs. (742 Kg)


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