Envirosight Jetscan II

Envirosight's Jetscan II is the quick, easy way to see what you’re jetting. This wireless HD video nozzle is affordable enough to put on every cleaning truck, yet quickly captures valuable footage of pipe condition for review moments later on a tablet.


  • Confirm Cleaning: See if cleaning was successful using before/after footage
  • Assess Condition: Locate offsets, collapses, infiltration and more—without a crawler
  • Avoid Hazards: Find collapses, protruding taps, root balls and anything else that could trap a nozzle
  • Choose Wisely: Pick your nozzle based on presence of gravel, grease, mud, roots or sludge
  • Save Money: View pipe instantly and independently without diverting an inspection crew
  • Stay Safe: Confirm absence of gas, electric and water cross-bores before root cutting

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