Westech Vac Systems Introduces Westech Wolf Hydroexcavator

Westech Vac Systems introduces the Westech Wolf non-code certified hydrovac truck for oil and gas customers working in extreme conditions. Developed in collaboration with Federal Signal’s Environmental Solutions Group, the Wolf hydroexcavation truck is the first new product launched by Westech since the company’s acquisition by Federal Signal Corporation in 2016.“The Westech Wolf hydrovac represents the inaugural customer- and application-focused products developed in collaboration with Federal Signal’s Environmental Solutions Group,” said Brett Hart, general manager at Westech. “During the planning phase for the Wolf hydrovac, we worked closely with our customers to understand their needs, applications and struggles with current vacuum excavation equipment. We received great feedback on payload capacity and debris offloading. Our customers value simplicity and the ability to identify and perform maintenance while operating in remote locations.”The result of extensive testing and product input from a large network of engineering and design resources, including customer feedback, the rugged, heavy-duty Wolf hydroexcavator was purpose-built for customers who need a durable truck that can tackle applications in extreme cold and harsh terrain conditions.

Improved weight distribution

“The Westech Wolf was designed to constantly maintain the centerline for the water tank and debris body,” said Ben Schmitt, product manager at Westech. “As water is reduced and debris is loaded, the weight increases on the individual axles equally.”With the Wolf hydrovac, the debris body is positioned on the optimal spot of the chassis to ensure the payload is proportionately distributed across all axles simultaneously. Schmitt added that the Wolf design is unlike other hydroexcavators that feature uni-body designs with sloped floors where weight shifts as water is used and debris is loaded, which often results in lost payload capacity.The Westech Wolf maximizes legal payload for customers and improves operational efficiency. “Maximizing productivity while adhering to strict weight regulations is a constant challenge for hydrovac contractors,” Schmitt said. “Weight restrictions are being enforced like never before. Combined with addressing extreme weather and terrain elements, and ever-changing site conditions, contractors require the very best equipment to conquer the job.”

Water tanks

The side-mounted water tanks on the Wolf hydrovac are designed to reduce the weight by more than 40 percent, lowering the overall cost of the truck. The tanks are joined from left to right with a cross-over equipped with glycol heat tracing, and the water supply line to the front wash cabinet is internally traced as well. The 1,500-gal capacity ensures ample water storage capacity for large or remote jobs. A top-mounted “no-touch” water fill system is easily accessible from the passenger side of the vehicle.“Depending on soil conditions and choice of water nozzle, many customers are performing an entire day’s digging with only one load of water on the Wolf, while remaining well under legal weight limits,” Schmitt said.

Ease of offloading

“The dumping debris body design improves the customer’s productivity by reducing the time required at the dump site. And less time at the dump site means more time working,” Schmitt said. “The Wolf allows our customers to be more competitive when bidding jobs and reduces the overall time to complete a project, earning them more business and a solid reputation for cost-effectiveness in the hydrovac industry.”The debris body is lifted using a telescoping, dual-acting hydraulic cylinder capable of 36,000 lbs of force. When fully extended, the debris body exceeds a 45-degree dump angle for fast and efficient offloading. To help the offloading process, a heavy-duty, hydraulically powered tank vibrator is mounted to the belly of the debris body. A standard splash shield has been fitted to the rear of the unit to direct the offloading debris.

Product Specifications

  • Vacuum system: Hibon 8702 tri-lobe blower rated at 5,300 CFM and 27-in. Hg
  • Water pump system: CAT 3560 triplex water pump rated at 20 GPM and 3,000 psig
  • Debris capacity: 14-cubic-yard debris capacity w/ internal float ball shut-offs
  • Boom size and reach: 10-in. turret design with 26-ft overall reach, 320 degrees of rotation

About Westech

Westech Vac Systems is considered one of the largest mobile vacuum tank manufacturers in Canada. For nearly 30 years, the company has established a reputation for listening to its customers’ needs and finding new ways to constantly improve. Supported by an experienced and knowledgeable team of engineering, sales and service professionals, Westech’s products are designed for extreme environmental conditions.Now part of the Environmental Solutions Group along with Vactor, Guzzler, Jetstream, FS Solutions, Joe Johnson Equipment and Elgin Sweeper, Westech fills the product gap for Transport Canada/U.S. Department of Transportation-certified vacuum equipment used in a wide variety of municipality, oil and gas, utility and industrial cleaning applications.Through Joe Johnson Equipment’s extensive dealer footprint across Canada, Westech is represented by a premier dealership, offering multiple parts and service locations, as well as a factory-direct sales channel. In the United States, Westech is represented by Federal Signal’s Environmental Solutions Group’s direct sales channel, as well as FS Solutions’ 12 locations across the country.      

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