Toronto Contractor Converts Truck Fleet to Westech Wolf

Nathan Medcalf | November 22, 2018

The Westech Wolf is a hydrovac truck designed “Alberta tough” by Westech Vac Systems, based out of Nisku, Alta.

The company has been serving Alberta’s oilfields for more than three decades with full-sized hydrovac trucks that are designed for the harshest environments.

“For the Westech Wolf design, our primary focus was to provide a cost-effective hydrovac, while also maximizing legal payload and productivity,” said Westech general manager Ben Schmitt. “Our customers are struggling more each day with weight compliance and are looking for a vacuum excavator to maximize payload while also performing the jobs in the same or less amount of time than before with their current vacuum excavation equipment.”

Schmitt continues: “Our customers in northern Alberta work in some of the worst conditions imaginable with temperatures reaching 40 below and colder. Our customers need equipment that can operate in these conditions 24 hours a day without stopping.”

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