The Secrets to Successful Large-Diameter Sewer Cleaning

Vactor 2100i With Water Recycler

Reprinted with permission from Municipal Sewer & Water

One of the most difficult cleaning operations is large-diameter sewer cleaning. Also known as interceptors or collections systems, large-diameter sewers (greater than 36 inches in diameter) require a different cleaning process than standard small-diameter sewers. Large-diameter sewer cleaning requires increased water flows due to increased pipe flow, debris levels, pipe lengths and manhole depths.

An experienced sewer equipment operator should know the secrets to successful large-diameter sewer cleaning.

Factors to Consider

Let’s look at what you are facing in cleaning a large-diameter sewer pipe:

  • Condition of the conduit (any cracking of the pipe requires cleaning with lower psi and narrower nozzle angles)
  • Diameter of pipe
  • Slope/grade (flat pipe flows more slowly than pipe on a steeper grade)
  • Type of pipe (clay, concrete, other?)


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