Tech Forum: Why a Smaller Hydrovac Truck Isn’t Necessarily the Best Choice to Maximize Performance

Article: Why A Smaller Hydrovac Truck Isnt Necessarily The Best Choice To Maximize Performance

By Patrick McGee | Reprinted with permission from Trenchless Technology Magazine

The use of hydrovac trucks has become popular in urban areas in Canada, not just in the oil and gas sector. This powerful and efficient equipment has proven to play an important role in allowing for safer excavation where the presence of underground utilities can pose real danger to those digging with mechanical earth moving tools, and to the public.

While this has been great news for hydrovac companies throughout Canada, the increased use of hydrovac trucks in urban areas and their travel on provincial highways, has meant new safety standards and regulations needed to be put in place to mitigate their risk. Joe Johnson Equipment (JJE) was one of the first companies to recognize this important concern (the concern of maximizing productivity while staying safe and weight-compliant) and has been a helpful voice in shaping policy surrounding the hydrovac industry.

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