Put Automation In The Equation

Keep your plant running while cleaning conveyors and other production equipment by using a range of no-man entry, automated ROV cleaning equipment.

We offer several automated, no-man entry solutions for cleaning liquids and solids, with or without vacuum trucks. Units can be hydraulically driven or have onboard diesel or battery power. When powered hydraulically, through an umbilical connection from a remote power source, the units are considered intrinsically safe and can work in Atex zone zero environments.


  • Pits
  • Bins
  • Silos
  • Areas under live conveyors/machinery
  • Hazardous atmospheres
  • Pipes and culverts
  • Inside of tanks of all sizes and configurations


Wet and dry material can be removed safely, from a distance, keeping the operator away from hazardous materials and areas.

We offer remote control options both tethered through umbilical, and line of sight radio control, to guide the unit exactly where it needs to go. Camera and lighting systems are also available to assist steering where line of sight is not available in standard and Atex zone zero explosion proof configurations.



Article originally posted on fssolutionsgroup.com.

Written by Craig Aspinall.

Equipment Line-Up:


Hydraulically powered, ROV crawler specifically designed to assist a vacuum hose into difficult to reach, or hazardous environments, reducing the need for entry by an operator. Several different tools and attachments available, including high-pressure water attachments, augers, brushes, and heads for numerous applications. The Lombrico can pass through a 20” manway, and work in pipes as wide as 24”, or larger.


Hydraulically powered, tracked mini backhoe/digger with power supplied by onboard, diesel power pack, or remote power via umbilical. Controlled by umbilical or radio remote, the Gatto is ideal for cleaning in tight spaces, where traditional mini diggers cannot go with an operator on board. This machine can be hooked up to a vacuum hose to extend the reach of the hose.

RC Dozer 

Remote controlled, diesel-powered (battery available 2021), tracked dumper. Low profile and highly maneuverable. Ideal for cleaning under live conveyors, in box culverts or anywhere where height is an issue. Can be hooked up to a vacuum hose or used as a traditional bucket cleaner.


Remote controlled, battery-powered, tracked unit. The E-track has the possibility of mounting customer equipment or being used in self-loading, dumper configuration to move material. Ideal for confined spaces of operations in plants where noise is an issue.


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