Wittke Superduty Front Loader

Wittke knows how strong a front loader has to be. Customers need to run them rough, and that' why Wittke builds them tough. HARDOX treated steel plates are used in 100% of the body fabrication. Wittke is the first and the only front loader that is part of the "HARDOX in my body" program.


  • The Superduty is unique, stronger and more abrasion resistant than any other front loader in the industry
  • The Wittke Superduty is known for its speedy operation, whether loading, carrying or discharging; the new Wittke Superduty meets the challenge and gets the job done
  • The design of the Wittke Superduty permits the heaviest legal payload ever
  • The body is strong and more resistant to abrasion, increasing stability, longevity and reducing body weight

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