Labrie Wittke PCO-cv

Equipped with all the great features and benefits of the Wittke front loader, the PCO-cv is built fast and tough and excels with a smooth lifting arm operation, quick cycle times and auto-latch tailgate. As the perfect solution for commercial organics collection it also comes with the following key features:

  • Liquid tight hopper and body with patented Pendulum packer and full height tailgate seal
  • 10,000 lbs lifting capacity to handle the heaviest food waste containers
  • 16 seconds lifting cycle
  • 60-97 DGE CNG ready
  • Packer cylinders located outside the hopper (no contamination)
  • Two 64-69 gallons cart tippers installed on the torque tube and Canopy gutters to drive liquids inside the hopper

Wittke' standard options such as the Labrie CNG systems, canopy sweeper, work-at-idle hydraulics, auto-dump, Digiload scale system, washout tank and toolbox are also available on the PCO-cv front loader.

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