Wittke Featherweight Front Loader

The Wittke Featherweight is Labrie's optimized weight front loader designed to maximize the legal payload of your lightweight commercial, residential & recycling routes. The Featherweight is low weight but built strong. Its body has been engineered to withstand the same daily abuses as Labrie's heavy-duty front loaders - with the same hydraulics and 10,000 lbs load rated arms as the Starlight and Superduty.


  • Hydraulic valves relocated on street side wall for easier access
  • Same endurance rated arms as our Wittke Starlight & Wittke Superduty trucks
  • Weight reducing aluminium constructed components: rubrails, top door, hopper door & canopy extension
  • Body Strength: Tested in FEA analysis for maximized compaction ratios

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