Vactor 2103 Sewer Cleaner

When you need quick response in the event of a sewer line blockage, broken storm water line, or routine maintenance - but feel a full size combination machine isn't in your budget - call on the Vactor 2103. Powerful enough to tackle the big jobs, the 2103 is midsized for low operating costs and greater maneuverability. The 2103 is ideal for large municipalities that want a unit for a fast response or emergency back-up vehicle. Small communities use it as a low-cost alternative for regular maintenance and storm water line problems. Contractors and utilities choose it for its great versatility. The 2103 features Vactor's fully hydraulic boom and pick-up hose, easy load, fast dump debris body, a powerful positive displacement vacuum, a multi-stage blower filtration system, the exclusive jet-rodder water pump, a front mounted hose reel, aluminum water tanks and several versatile options.· The round debris body has a 3.5 cu yd (2.7 cu m) capacity


  • Debris Body is made of 3/16" (4.8 mm) abrasion and corrosion resistant steel
  • Hydraulic pump driven off of truck engine via heavy-duty transfer case
  • High-Pressure Jet Rodder Hose is 500 ft x 3/4 in (122 m x 19 mm)
  • Single curbside fill point equipped with anti-siphon device

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