Peinemann Inside Bundle Cleaner 5 Lances (IBC-5)

In order to meet the demands of high pressure cleaning contractors, Peinemann developed the Inside Bundle Cleaner. The IBC 5 is one of the fastest cleaning machines in the world today and has been designed to clean a large number of bundles on the cleaning slab during shutdowns.

  • From the cabin the operator can control the movement with a joystick, the rollers can be turned, the outriggers can be operated and the lancebed can be moved forward and backwards ± 60 cm
  • The lancebed has been created out of 10-meter-long T-bars, which give a perfect guide for the lances and at the same time avoid dirt from remaining in the lancebed
  • Adjustment of the pitch is done by tightening nuts, which keeps the pitch fixed at all times
  • The lance bed and the pitch are not covered, making it is very clear for the operator to see if the lances are in the right position


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