Peinemann Orion Indexer

The Orion enables the use of the LTC and XLTC in a “hands free” fully robotic mode. It offers cleaning solutions for heat exchangers in place, in both horizontal and vertical configurations. This new patent pending device is compact, lightweight and easily installed in minutes by a single operator. The Orion consist of four major components: a mounting bracket with pneumatic gearbox, 2” box rail with pneumatic movement, LTC or XLTC drive, and a remote control.

  • The operator can control all functions from the pneumatic, lightweight remote control unit - including lance feed rate, and air actuated dump
  • Eliminates the need for a hand held (X)LTC
  • This versatile and flexible new tool can also be used in combination with a gun nozzle attachment for easy and safe cleaning of the tube sheet, flanges and other components
  • Orion Mounting Bracket is for mounting of the Orion Indexer on the heat exchanger


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