Labrie Expert 2000 Side Loader

The Expert 2000 is a Drop-Frame, side loading unit perfectly adapted for manual, semi-automated and fully-automated refuse or recycling collection operations. The short walking distance from the cab and wheelbase (shorter than any other manufacturer) make the Expert 2000 the most efficient drop-frame, side-loading collection unit on the market.


  • Single stream and co-mingle versions are available in different configuration or size
  • Wide-angle tilting hydraulic cart tipper allows 38, 64 and 95 US gallon roll cart handling (140, 240 and 360 litres
  • 1.38 cu. yd. (1.05 m ³) swept volume
  • Compaction cycles can be programmed (2 to 6 multi-cycles available)
  • Best-in-class hydraulics mean less overheating and less demand on the engine

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