Glutton 2411 Electric Waste Vacuum Cleaner

The Glutton 2411 is an electric, pedestrian-friendly and self-propelled vehicle ideal for urban litter collection. This easy to use and effective vehicle saves operators time and improves productivity. The Glutton handles everything from cigarette butts, cans, bottles, dog waste, dead leaves, to wood / steel / aluminum shavings, and more.

  • The battery life is 8 to 16 hours
  • The unit is compact: 31” W (adjustable) x 76” L x 67” H
  • Quiet operation that won’t disrupt pedestrians, diners and retail patrons.
  • Variable speed, adjustable by tilting the handle: between 0 and 6 km/h forward and 0 and 3 km/h reverse
  • Standard 240 litre container with stainless steel support - waste can be collected in bags by traditional collection methods requiring no special dumpsite
  • UL certified with 48-volt electrical system utilizing standard 12-volt gel type batteries

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