Elgin Electric Broom Bear Street Sweeper

This is the first 100% electric street sweeper from Elgin that still delivers all the performance and productivity you expect from Elgin Sweeper.


The Electric Broom Bear eliminates emissions while reducing noise and maintenance costs without compromising powerful performance, this green machine will clean up all day.


Battery and Motor Overview


The heart of the chassis is the 400 kWh, lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery. The battery has a 5 year warranty and is designed for more than 2,500 full charging cycles. The BorgWarner Cascadia motor produces 300 continuous horsepower and has a maximum torque of 1,700 ft lbs.



Why Electric Broom Bear


  • 100% electric, zero-emission mechanical sweeper
  • Enough battery capacity (400kWh) to handle extended shifts
  • A tight turning radius provides exceptional maneuverability
  • Reduced maintenance to maximize uptime
  • Backed by a strong and established dealer network
  • Experienced chassis builders with an established service network
  • State and federal incentives available

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