Elgin Broom Bear Hybrid-Electric Street Sweeper

The hybrid Broom Bear uses a high-capacity battery to power the sweeper. The battery can be recharged while driving or when plugged into an electrical outlet.

Designed to tackle everything from heavy-duty construction debris, such as millings or gravel, to light street maintenance, the hybrid sweeper’s performance, speeds, capacity, and its availability to work all day remains unchanged from the standard Broom Bear sweeper.

Its short wheelbase, large diameter brooms, and dual mode air suspension system is ideal for sweeping in densely populated areas. Its large hopper and water tank results in more productive sweeping time and fewer scheduled stops.


The Elgin Broom Bear is one of the most rugged and efficient mechanical sweepers on the market today. Whether your sweeping needs are in heavy construction debris or light street maintenance - with its variable dump height, short wheelbase and large 44" side brooms, the Elgin Broom Bear can handle it all. 


Why Plug-in Hybrid Electric

• Lithium-ion battery for long duty cycle operation
• Charge on-the-go or with an SAE J1772 charging receptacle
• Uncompromised water capacity
• Available in diesel or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
• Pause-Sweep functionality for energy conservation
• Seamless and automatic transition between hybrid and conventional systems

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