Labrie Expert with Helping Hand Provides Increased Operator Safety for Waste Collection in Town of Hearst, Ontario

Labrie Automizer - Contactless Collection

Town of Hearst Reduces Risk to Operators and Increases Waste Collection Efficiency


“The Labrie Expert Waste Collection vehicle with Helping-Hand has been a great addition to our municipal fleet.  Its split-bin body has allowed for the co-collection of waste and recyclables on our collection routes.  We have also noted an increase in efficiency by collecting more material in less time than a rear-end loading vehicle, and with a single operator.  The operator’s risk has also been considerably reduced since he is no longer exposed to weather, slips and falls, other injuries or fatigue, and in these days of COVID-19, has allowed the operator to be safely away from possible contamination due to contact with waste bins.
Winters in Hearst are long and difficult for any equipment to operate in this environment.  Our Labrie has operated commendably for two full seasons with no notable issues, a testament to the quality and robustness of the design and construction.”

– Luc Léonard, P.Eng, Directeur des travaux publics et des services d’ingénierie / Director of Public Works and Engineering Services
Ville de Hearst – Town of Hearst

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