Joe Johnson Equipment Brings Industrial Equipment Service and Repair to the Customer

Joe Johnson Equipment (JJE) is proud to announce our new high-performance mobile industrial service and repair unit based in Edmonton, AB. This industrial truck will support our Canadian municipal and industrial customers across the province, and as far as Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Adding this unit to the JJE fleet will not only help support our customers’ regular service needs but offers another option for those who are unable to get to our shop or operate in remote locations and jobsites.

Service and Repairs

The truck will be operated by a certified on and off-road heavy-duty mechanic who is knowledgeable and professional with over 10 years of working on heavy duty machines. This new unit will be able to help our technician perform services and repairs on a variety of heavy equipment such as hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical repairs as well as all preventative maintenance requirements and inspections.

On site truck repairs include:

  • Brakes
  • Drivelines
  • Suspensions
  • B620 tank inspections which include external, internal inspections, leakage tests, pressure tests and thickness tests.
    • B620 tank inspections for TC/DOT 350, TC/DOT 407, and TC/DOT 412’s.
  • Preventative Maintenance inspection and repairs
    • Assessments and reports
  • Diagnosing failures and running repairs
    • hydraulics, electrical, air systems, mechanical


This high-performance unit can service all make and models of heavy equipment in the industrial and municipalities including but not limited to: hydrovacs and vacuum excavation trucks, combos, straight vacs, sewer flushers, street sweepers, ultra-high pressure water blasting units such as Jetstream, and municipal sidewalk tractors.

Features included on truck:

  • Generator
  • Crane
  • Welder
  • Compressor
  • Trash pump
  • Holding tank for oils
  • Diagnostic laptop
  • Wide variety of tools/tooling


The truck is wrapped with an easy to recognize design, with highly visible JJE logos and contact information to provide a reminder when they see the truck, that service and repair solutions are just a call away. With an hourly rate of $190 and $1.45* for every km outside of the greater Edmonton area, this high-performance unit provides customers with all the tools and equipment necessary to complete the job.


To book for service visit our website or call (780) 469-1584 for service in Edmonton.

*Rates subject to change

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