JJE Road Service Isn’t Just For Emergencies – Be Proactive With Preventative Maintenance

Joe Johnson Equipment on call service truck

Customers who call JJE for Road Service support often have an emergency machine-down situation or an out-of-schedule maintenance issue, however many of our Municipal and Contractor customers prefer the convenience and efficiency of the Road Service option for a variety of their service requirements. We can bring our certified Technicians right to your premises, job site or even to the side of the road. Limit equipment downtime and take advantage of our Road Service team by proactively scheduling Preventative Maintenance (PM) on your fleet after-hours. We can customize a PM program tailored to your fleet, your schedule and your budget.

We ensure our Road Technicians come armed with the right knowledge, tools and parts to get the job done efficiently, and to get your equipment running as optimally as possible. Whether your hydrovac, garbage truck, street sweeper or any other equipment needs service, JJE has you covered.

We pride ourselves on supporting our customers around the clock so call us anytime at 1.866.648.7230 to schedule a Road Service Technician during an emergency, or to discuss how our Road Service team can assist with Preventative Maintenance programs for your fleet.

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