JJE in the press-Trenchless Technology Canada

JJE in the press – Excerpt from an article published in the July edition of Trenchless Technology Canada

Extremely versatile, hydro excavators can be seen virtually on every street corner where they drill holes for fence posts, poles and signs or conduct daylighting of underground gas pipes. And once you see a hydro excavator in action, you will never forget the efficiency and power this unit demonstrates while completing a job. A recent study by the City of London says it best: “…The hydrovac unit effectively replaced the hand digging requirement being completed in 1/3 of the time and with 1/2 of the crew. The cost of using a shovel and backhoe compared to a hydrocvac unit on the identical job is 4.1 times greater.”

“When we became a Vactor dealer over two decades ago, Vactor had just started building the first dedicated hydro excavator,” says Jeff Johnson, vice president at Canadian Vactor dealer Joe Johnson Equipment (JJE). ”We have been involved in this industry from its infancy and today, Vactor hydro excavators and combination sewer cleaners have become the standard hydro excavating units throughout most of Canada. The exceptional quality Vactor guarantees for all of its trucks coupled with the custom-configured, modular design, efficiency and durability provides ease of operation and a safe work environment.”

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