Introducing the Leach Split Rear Loader by Labrie Enviroquip Group

Leach Split Rear Loader

The Leach Split Rear Loader is the perfect tool for residential dual-collection, and is available with organic collection on the curbside. This revolutionary configuration was designed with efficiency and operator safety as priorities.

The Leach Split Rear Loader boasts heavy duty controls, a unique tailgate auto-latch system and a specially-designed leachate tank for organic curbside pickup.

Whether utilized for organics, refuse or recyclables, the Leach Split Rear Loader’s fast and powerful hydraulics (up to 1000 lbs/yd³) will get the job done while maintaining a high level of productivity.  Available in 60/40, 40/60 and 50/50 splits, in 25 yd³ and 32 yd³ body sizes.


AUTO-LATCH TAILGATE – The unique auto-latch system design includes bottom hooks linked to the outside tailgate cylinder to increase safety.

CHROMIUM SLIDE SHOES – The Slide Shoes have a 55-60 HRC hardness rating for optimal life expectancy.

PACKER CONTROLS LOCATED CURBSIDE – Heavy-duty control rods for both tailgates can be located on the curbside.

DUAL TAILGATES – Each independent tailgate has its own hydraulic systems.

FAST PACKING CYCLE – Even with both packers in use, the packing cycle time is 20 seconds.

About Labrie Enviroquip Group

Labrie Enviroquip Group is one of the largest manufacturers of refuse and recycling collection vehicles in North America. The product lines of Labrie, Leach, and Wittke are renowned to be the most reliable, efficient, productive, and innovative in the solid waste industry.

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