How Hydrovac Rentals Can Boost Your Contracting Business

Vactor HXX PD Hydro Excavator

Joe Johnson Equipment Rentals (JJE Rentals) offers an extensive fleet of hydrovac trucks for rent. A solid reputation for expert technical, commercial and administrative support has resulted in JJE Rentals becoming a trusted partner for hydrovac companies when they are ready to take their business to the next level. Making the decision to rent equipment from JJE offers several benefits to consider:


Benefits of Renting Hydrovac Equipment

There are a wide variety of benefits to renting equipment in comparison to buying. Purchasing equipment can sometimes require a large capital outlay upfront, resulting in your vital cash flow being tied up.  Renting allows your resources to be dedicated to core business activities by freeing up cash and reducing the requirement to store equipment year round.

Renting also provides contractors with the opportunity to provide next-level service to your customers. If the equipment currently being rented is not ideal for the customer’s next application or job size, you have the flexibility to right-size the equipment, based on your customer’s specific needs, allowing the job to be completed with greater efficiency.

A contracting business also benefits by being able to utilize new technology as it is introduced, to stay competitive. Renting from JJE Rentals means you will have access to equipment that is typically less than two years old, putting the latest innovations to work for you and your customer.


Expanding your Business

Renting with JJE Rentals can help contractors develop their business by expanding into diverse industries and application areas. Contracting companies can develop their business not only through cost savings, but being able to take on more and bigger jobs and redirect resources into expanding staff and operations.  When a contractor works with JJE Rentals, they also benefit from the network of expertise available directly from Vactor and Westech and are also supported by Joe Johnson Equipment (JJE) service, parts, mobile service and training.


Rent To Purchase

When it’s in the long-term interest of a company to buy a hydrovac instead of rent, there is the option of renting to purchase. The key advantages of renting to purchase are that your business will be familiar with how to run the equipment and you will have the confidence of knowing your equipment is still backed by JJE service, training and support nationwide in Canada.


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