4 Ways to Prevent Accidents on Your Job Site

Job site accidents are preventable.  Proper training, awareness of surroundings, using the right equipment and PPE, Operator safety should be top of mind.

Training: Only trained personnel should setup, operate, or maintain equipment

Surroundings: Place barricades or shields with warning signs or use barricade tape around the complete work area

Equipment: Be sure Operators are using the right equipment, parts and accessories for the PSI Working Pressure

Safety: All Operators must be provided with Proper Protective Equipment (PPE)

Most Effective Equipment for Operator Safety

TST Apron 20/30

Quick and simple gear up and low cost makes the TST Apron 20/30 one of the best entry-level protective garments on the market.

TST Boots 3000

TST Boots 3000 feature moulded and jointed aluminum gaiters fixed to high quality slip-resistant, steel-toed safety boots.

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