Vacuum Containers

Wastequip Vacuum Containers can hold up to 300% more volume than a typical 5-cubic-yard truck and safely handle oils, sludge, chemicals and other environmentally damaging materials. The fully-gasketed door is quality-tested against leakage with grease fittings on all working points. 

• Outside rail under-structure
• 1/4” floor, 7-gauge sides (Also available in 1/4” floor, 1/4” sides)
• 6” x 2” x 1/4” tubing long sills
• Continuous inside welds
• 8-5/8” OD front and rear rollers
• Flat front

Fully Sealed
• Hydro-tested against leakage
• Gasketed rear door provides full seal
• EPDM T door seal
• 4 door ratchets (2 on rear door, one each on sidewall)
• Side-hinged rear door

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