Spartan Soldier Trailer Jetter

Spartan’s mid-sized trailer jet delivers 3,000 PSI @ 12 GPM. With a standard antifreeze system, the Soldier reports for duty in any weather conditions. Add an optional Warthog® nozzle to make quick work of ice, grease and tough roots. With its compact form, fully enclosed and lockable engine cover, and 200-gallon water tank, the Solider is the ultimate mid-range powerhouse, ready to fight through your most stubborn stoppages.






  • Triplex ceramic plunger pump delivers 3,000 PSI at 12 GPM
  • Electronic controlled pump pulsation for maximum cleaning distance
  • Hose reel pivots 180° for easy alignment with the pipe being cleared
  • Variable-speed power hose rewind
  • 200-gallon water tank with integrated baffles allows unit to be towed while full of water
  • Single-valve full-system winterization with antifreeze recirculation

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