Ring-O-Matic 850 Vacuum Excavator

The Ring-O-Matic 850 Vacuum Excavator is a heavy-duty piece of industrial hydrovac equipment for sale at Joe Johnson Equipment. It is used in a wide variety of applications, including: pit cleaning, environmental cleanup, construction site cleanup, and many other uses. Ring-O- Matic manufactures Vacuum Excavation equipment trailer mounted; on a skid; or on a truck bed. This versatility ensures you will have the best configuration for your application. No matter what you require, a Vacuum Truck, a Vacuum Trailer, or a Skid Mount system, Ring-O- Matic does it all.


  • Ideal machine for potholing, cleaning storm drains, general construction site cleanup, and keyholing or utility microsurgery
  • Other Vac Only models include the 850 Deep Vac, 1300 Vac, and the 2000 Vac
  • Rugged vacuum pump/blowers - for durability and high vacuum performance
  • Compact, low-profile construction - good visibility for driver and stability in rough locations
  • Rugged construction the way a contractor needs it - heavy duty frames and the largest axle capacities in their class so your machines will last

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