Peinemann Triple Lance Tube Cleaner (3TLE – Combi)

Automatic Cleaning Equipment which can be used with both flex and rigid lances. The TLE combi is equipped with a double chain drive and gives you added flexibility as you could use the optional rigid Lance package as well.

The TLE Combi gives excellent cleaning results due to consistent cleaning speed and by cleaning the tubes twice. An extremely versatile combination that can tackle most cleaning jobs and is capable of cleaning 300 to 350 tubes per hour.

  • Locates the operator away from the dangerous high pressure area and keeps the operator away from dangerous chemicals or hot water
  • Due to consistent speed and cleaning the tubes twice, the end results are far better compared to manual cleaning allowing a longer time between shutdowns and improved heat transfer
  • The machine can also clean most blocked tubes, eliminating the need to remove the bundle and clean at the wash bay
  • Due to its flexibility, the TLE can be used in numerous applications


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