Peinemann Triple Lance Tube Cleaner (3-XLTC)

Portable, affordable, safe and easy to assemble are just some of the main characteristics of the Peinemann Triple Lance Tube Cleaner. Made from high-quality materials, Peinemann manufactured equipment that will have improved cleaning capabilities at a relatively small investment. The added benefit is that the whole structure is portable modular, easy to dismantle and it can be used in conjunction with a medium size High Pressure pump. The remote control will increase safety as the operator will be operating the tube cleaning equipment from a safe working distance.

  • The Triple Lance Cleaners are controlled via remote control keeping the operator away from danger
  • The Peinemann Triple Lance Cleaners have the capabilities of cleaning both vertical and horizontal bundles at difficult to reach locations in combination with a medium size HP pump
  • Clean with 3 flex lances at one time
  • The 3-xltc and the flexframe are equipped with the same air motors so they are interchangeable with each other


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