Kleen Sight Camera Nozzle

  • 1080P HD self leveling camera head
  • Clear video images
  • Internal 64 GB memory. No SD card needed
  • Wi-Fi Hot Spot to download data. No exposed components
  • No need to clean lines first. Saves Time and Money
  • 6 Fisheye LED lights. Illumination for all your needs
  • 6+ hours of video per charge. Full day video capability
  • Waterproof magnetic function switch. Protects camera from moisture damage
  • 1 Li-Ion battery charged in camera and no need to open the tool to recharge
  • Replaceable Titanium Ceramic inserts
  • Patent protected design¬†

The Kleen Sight camera has fluid mechanics and will clean the pipe as well as video at the same time. The video is stored inside the nozzle/camera until ready to upload. Camera videos can be uploaded using Wi-Fi to any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

No need to pre-clean your lines because this nozzle has the ability to clean as well as video at the same time. Wi-Fi connectivity downloads data at similar speed as a cable connection while ensuring the watertight integrity of the camera nozzle.

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