Guzzler Hi-Rail

Railroad professionals have turned to Guzzler for industrial vacuum solutions to efficiently remove and replace ballast, clean up potential pollution problems and respond quickly in emergency situations. The Guzzler Hi-Rail is a rail-ready, boom-equipped, self-contained vacuum truck that uses vacuum power to remove contaminated and unwanted materials from track beds


  • Total Operator control of the vacuum truck from a rear mounted control station.
  • Full visibility of the boom and rail area by the Operator from the control station.
  • A hydrostatic drive system that allows quick change of direction with a convenient forward and back joystick.
  • The Operator station provides full control of the vacuum system, high rail boom and all safety features, such as the emergency stop and vacuum relief.
  • Ergonomically designed control layout, including easy to use joystick, and swivel chair that locks into position ensures operator comfort and productivity.
  • Additional safety is provided with a specially designed high rail camera option increasing operator visibility of blind spots.

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