Galbreath Above Frame Hoist Series

Versatile enough to work with any truck chassis, suspensions, exhaust systems and fuel tanks, the AF hoist is ideal for use with alternative fuel chassis such as CNG and LNG. Faster loading and unloading by up to 25% is achieved with the single-cylinder reeving system.


  • Split LED light bumper
  •  Backup alarm
  •  Pintle hitch ready apron
  •  Hoist maintenance props
  • Behind the cab oil reservoir
  •  Return oil filter / 3 microns
  • Stationary rear hold down
  • Spool manual control valves (2 or 3 when applicable)
  • Heavy duty rear hinge
  • Tarper / valve mounting platform
  • Hoist up alar with signal light
  • LED - DOT stop, turn and side marker lights
  • Hydraulic tube pluming in frame
  • Outside spool manual control valve
  • Single cylinder reeving system
  • Mount plates and mounting bolts
  • Air assist ICC bumper where required
  • Direct mount pump H/P
  • Cable end holder
  • Sealed wiring harness
  • High-pressure cylinders
  • Inside air controls
  • Hydraulic hoses

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