Known as the industry’s first truly dual purpose machine, the Guzzcavator combines the best of both worlds: 100% Industrial Vacuum Loader, 100% Hydro Excavator, zero compromises. Combining the superior Industrial Vacuum performance and filtration of a Guzzler with the renowned Hydro Excavation capabilities of the Vactor HXX makes for one powerful package:


  • powerful Excavation at pressures up to 2,500 psi
  • water system powered by hydraulically operated triplex piston water pump
  • telescoping boom for robust lifting capacity and 55 ft. pendant length for total access around the unit
  • wireless remote, toggle switch controls, and individually-grounded, clearly function stamped circuits for ease of operation
  • enhanced operator ergonomics including safe access features, E-stop, hydraulic check valves and back-up alarms
  • efficient cyclone design provides access to the driveline component and the boom hydraulic and electrical components are located at eye level for ease of maintenance
  • advanced rear door design including 1/2 inch steel plate construction, shimmed hinge blocks, and a rear door seal that raises with the door
  • improved module grounding: debris body, sub-frame and chassis are fully connected via a copper grounding strap

Optional Features

  • Water Heater
  • Rear door mounted sludge pump
  • Full opening rear door

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