Vactor HXX PD

The Vactor HXX PD is a positive displacement hydrovac truck for sale at Joe Johnson Equipment. A Positive Displacement blower is used to move air in certain vacuum excavation applications because it can excavate over long distances and at incredible depths, but at a slower speed than fan units. The Vactor HXX PD design features the Hibon 8702 Tri-Lobe blower with 28" Hg (mercury) and produces 5250 cfm or Roots 824 - 18" Blower. The poly tanks are available in 12-15 yd capacities.


  • The modular, stand-alone cyclone provides easy access for maintenance
  • The Vactor HXX PD is ideal for oilfield work or large excavations
  • The simplified airflow path was designed to maximize pickup and filtration effectiveness while minimizing material through the fan or blower causing premature wear and expensive repairs
  • The Vactor HXX PD's ultra-quiet inlet and outlet silencers acoustically matched to blower
  • Hibon 8702 Tri-Lobe (28" Hg) 5250 cfm at maximum speed 2000 rpm


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